Bella Donna Chapel at Adriatica

An Intimate "Seaside" Chapel in McKinney

Location: McKinney, Texas

Friday, December 18, 2009

Rocket Man in Adriatica!

Tomorrow, Saturday, December 19, 2:00PM, McKinney’s own Rocket Man will be flying from the Bell Tower in Adriatica out over Stonebridge Lake and (hopefully) return. This is in practice for an upcoming event. Kids of all ages will want to be there before 2PM in order not to miss this!

MCKINNEY, TX - Professional stuntman Kinnie Gibson is today preparing for his next adventure, but it is one that happened 16 years ago that still stands out. A 1993 phone call from Michael Jackson's manager saying The King of Pop wanted what's called a rocket belt in his upcoming tour.

Kinnie Gibson says, "At that time I was the only person who had a rocket belt. We were the only rocket belt company in the world...There wasn't anybody else to call."

Gibson and his rocket belt joined Jackson's Dangerous tour for 43 shows. It became signature finale. He says, "The fans loved it. They just went absolutely crazy." The launches also became the subject of widespread speculation, which Gibson's wife, Sheri, saw firsthand. She says, "The papers were always wondering where did he go, where did he fly to? Where did he land? And how did he get out there? If it wasn't him on the machine who was it?"

Over the years, Kinnie Gibson has been asked the question too many times to count. I, of course, had to ask one more time, "Was it you flying with the rocket belt or was it..." Gibson didn't let me get far. He smiled and finished my question. "Was it me or was it Michael? You know I think it would be good to just leave that as a mystery." Gibson says that's how Michael Jackson would have wanted it.

During the four months Gibson toured with Jackson, he says he was consistently wowed by the performer and the person. He remembers a genuine man who was kind to his children and others. All his actions contradictory to criminal allegations.

Kinnie Gibson says, "Everything that I saw Michael do was very good. He on his days off when we were in all these different cities, he would go to orphanages and visit with kids and say hi to them and sign autographs. He just really had a big heart for kids."

Saturday, December 12, 2009

f you have ever seen the old van (that looks like something from Back to the Future), that is frequently parked at Starbucks in Adriatica and other locations around McKinney, I believe you will find this site interesting. Apparently Mr.Blackard and a group of others have prayer group that meets in the top floor of the Adriatica Bell Tower. This is a very interesting group...

Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

The wedding chapel, located on one of the islands, will be like no other wedding destination in North Texas. Being accessible by only 2 Roman style bridges, the chapel will be constructed by stone masons and will have the appearance of rising out of the water.